Contract Packing of Finished Goods

Contract PackingFor more than 30 years, our privately-owned Australian company has provided excellent contract packing for all our local and international clients. It doesn’t matter that your company may not have the machinery or the skills required for packing properly. It only matters that we have everything you need for contract packaging.

Accommodating Special Needs

We understand the value of providing high quality products for all clients, and we realise that your company needs to provide excellent packing services for your own clients. That’s what we offer with co-packing, and we recognise the particular quality standards required by different industries. That’s why we can accommodate the various special needs of:

We can provide the dedicated packing rooms need so that the temperature requirements and need to guard against contaminants are met. We comply with all laws and guidelines regarding food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical contract packing.

Contract Packing Services

Our contract packaging services can include the following:
Contract Packaging Services

  1. Put in products into retail-sized cartons, with glue or tucked in closure options
  2. Check for product deficiencies in comprehensive quality control inspection
  3. Use clear plastic blisters and backing cards for hangsell packaging
  4. Putting in shrink-wrap for better display or security
  5. Overwrapping, and cello wrapping small to medium-sized cartons
  6. Flow wrapping, putting in a product of any shape in clear or printed polypropylene film which results in a flexible package
  7. Shrink sleeving, with tamper-evident features for extra security and with labels for packaging enhancement
  8. Product labelling, doing so manually for additional promotional labels
  9. Hand packing, and other manual packaging uses which include assembling and inserting into packages
  10. Promotional gluing involving products, product attachments, labels, and display cartons
  11. Inkjet expiry and batch coding for labels
  12. Cold store packaging for items such as dairy products.

Why Use Us?

Or company has the machinery and skills needed, accumulated through more than 30 years of experience. With our help:

  • You can rely on our experience. It’s not just about packaging, since we can also provide recommendations on labelling and distribution. You won’t have to find for yourself just how challenging a packaging task can be. We already know all these things—and we already have the solutions we know work best.
  • You can reduce costs. Doing the packaging on your own can be very expensive. You’ll need to buy the necessary equipment (and know which ones to get), hire and train a workforce, and then acquire the required certifications. This also takes a lot of time.
  • You can streamline your packaging operations. That’s because we also offer related services, such as warehousing services.
  • We offer scalability. What if the demand for your products grows? This is one reason why many manufacturing firms just go with our packaging services instead. We can keep up with your company’s growth, since we already have the tools and the manpower in place to accommodate the greater demand.

Use us for your packaging needs, and you can make sure that you can focus all your energies in manufacturing products for your customers and clients. Let us focus on the packing for you instead.